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Top 10 Preschool Homework Ideas for Teachers and Parents

Completing preschool homework assignments provides benefits for children, teachers, and parents. The content helps students gain or improve skills essential for learning and development when moving on to grade school. Teachers learn how students understand certain concepts and it helps establish curricula to encourage students to engage in learning. Parents also learn how to encourage their child to cultivate their skills and curiosity. There are many things parents and teachers can do to help preschoolers complete schoolwork assignments, including assignments to finish outside of the classroom.

Why is preschool homework Important?

While the subject continues to be debated there are benefits for preschoolers because it is seen as a significant tool in early childhood education. Many activities are done in the classroom among peers but learning can continue outside of the classroom through homework assignments. Such assignments may help parents and teachers identify strengths and weaknesses while simply providing an activity to encourage kids to stay productive. Some regulators may require preschoolers to complete assignments at home, while others feel it isn’t necessary to send preschoolers home with work to do.

List of Useful Preschool Homework Ideas

When ideas for preschool assignments are needed what can you consider? As parents and teachers consider ideas for students it is important to consider skills and interests of the child when determining the right option. Since there are many potential ideas to consider throughout the year, it helps to review preschool homework ideas regularly and make changes or adjustments you see fit to ensure children obtain the most benefits. The following sample list provides potential ideas for take home preschool assignments:

  1. Printable preschool homework sheets
  2. Reading a book or poetry together out loud
  3. Flash cards or practice cards with numbers, shapes, words, letters, etc.
  4. Counting games
  5. Use cut out letters to make words, names, or short phrases
  6. Writing practice including writing their first and last name
  7. Sight words and rhyming words
  8. Identifying letter sounds
  9. Educational digital games
  10. Identifying objects in pictures or in-person

Keep in mind when selecting activities for children any rules or regulations in relation to their learning curriculum. Some preschoolers may be required to complete a certain amount of homework assignments on a regular basis. It helps to know what is most effective for specific age groups when considering ideas for a large number of children.

Homework for Preschool to Build Certain Skills

Some assignments considered may be used to build certain skills to help a child get up to speed in specific areas. Parents may be interested in to learn about options to encourage their child to develop or grow a personal skill. Other activities may help children with skills parents may not be aware their child has such as unique memory or ability to identify certain words or numbers. For homework, preschool children should be able to understand the task with guidance from their teachers and parents to ensure they complete the task with flying colors.

Tips for Choosing Preschool Homework Activities

Some activities may produce better results for children when incorporated into a preschool homework calendar. Some parents choose to make a calendar from scratch with activities to complete on certain days. Others may have a goal for their child to learn or retain information within a certain amount of time and want a calendar handy to assist in the task. When considering activities for children think about their current abilities and use their personal interests to select something they will like. Some activities may be better when completed with peers such as in a playgroup. Others may find activities easier when including a favorite character. Look for ways to encourage children to take part in the task such as offering a reward when they complete it.

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As you learn more about needs and interests of preschool children, understanding educational options for homework assignments becomes clear.


Parents and teachers should select ideas together and let each other know about progress made as a team effort. Some activities provide different results depending on the intended goal. Remember to keep ideas fun and engaging to get the best result.

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