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Finding Motivation To Do Homework: Tips For Lazy Students

Starting is the hardest part of almost anything. Whether you are talking about beginning a new job, starting a new project, losing weight, or starting to care about school and homework, the hardest habits to break are the older ones.

Getting into the rhythm of a new routine is not easy for anyone. It will happen, but the more effort you put into it, the quicker it is going to happen.

Sources of motivation for homework

So if you are one of those students who believe procrastination is the path to take when it comes to homework, here are some tips to motivate you and help you fight the laziness:

  • Start a weekly routine: There is no arguing with the fact that a critical part of being successful academically is doing assignments out of class. Set a schedule that you can live with and will follow with no prompting. Perhaps you may choose to set aside two hours every night from Monday to Thursday for studying and getting work done so that you can have a three-day weekend.
  • Don't put assignments off until the weekend: Many students often make the mistake of keeping longer assignments to do on the weekend. Save yourself the trouble of rushing on a Sunday evening by doing a small portion of bigger projects every night until they are finished.
  • Make sure it is really laziness and not incomprehension: Are you honestly lazy or do you just not completely understand the material that you have been learning. A large number of students are ashamed to ask the teacher to give them some extra assistance so they just give up on doing their homework instead.
  • Use your study hall time wisely: If you could get your assignments completed in study hall every day so you had your evenings free, would you do it? Of course you would! Take advantage of the opportunity you are being given and complete as much as possible before you leave school for the day.
  • Right down a list of goals and dreams: Sit down and right a list of all of the things that you hope to achieve with your life. Everyone has dreams and accomplishments they intend to grab. Once you have written yours down, carefully examine what you have written and be honest about what you need to do to get there. This could be just the right push you need to buckle down and start to do better.

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