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Homework For Kindergarten: Is It Good For Children?

Assigning kindergarten homework continues to be a controversial topic. Parents and teachers may agree or disagree about how the concept helps children. Some say it is necessary for children in this age group to have homework assignments to encourage skill development, especially if they are considered at-risk youth or youth with a learning disability. Others feel children at this age shouldn’t have to worry about doing work at home and want to avoid the added stress children, parents, and teachers may encounter. Here are some points to consider when assessing whether it is a good idea to assign kindergarten homework.

Understanding the Homework for Kindergarten Debate

There are different sides to the debate since people have different views about what is best or what is effective when it comes to early childhood education. Some parents and teachers may support the idea because it helps students gain exposure to essential skills early in childhood. Others feel it is a silly concept for children of this age and feel they should focus on hands-on concepts such as playing with toys or other games with peers during the day.

Some feel it shouldn’t be required because kids may not understand certain concepts this early that could affect how they perform on such assignments. Others feel the opposite because if young children are able to understand certain gaming concepts related to digital content, they should be able to complete assignments featuring similar tasks.

Why Some Say Homework in Kindergarten is a Waste of Time

Giving young children work to do at home from school may not be a great idea according to teachers and parents that disagree with the concept. Some parents may not have time or ability to give the attention necessary to the child to complete such assignments. Some teachers feel students are better off completing assignments in class so they can get the assignment help online they need immediately.

Some argue homework in kindergarten may be too much or overwhelming for children in this age group. Others say some children have limited attention spans so it would be challenging for kids to do such work, especially if they require additional support due to a disability or simply because it takes them a little longer to catch on to the content.

Why Some Recommend Kindergarten Schoolwork for Home

Many actually recommend homework for kindergarteners for several reasons. It encourages children to be creative with their imaginations while helping them with the basics about numbers, shapes, colors, and more. Many teachers and parents take advantage of free tools available online and feel homework assignments are a great form of extra practice. Parents that stay at home with their children, such as stay-at-home moms, may help their child gain an advantage because they would encourage their child to be more productive when they are not in school. Children with homework assignments are likely to do better in school and remember what they learned due to additional practice.

Some school districts experience improvements to kindergarten learning experiences due to providing homework assignments. But, some districts may have issues keeping them from assigning take home assignments such as budgets, lack of educational support for teachers and students, and just an overwhelming negative response from parents.

What is Recommended Homework for Kindergarten Students?

Anyone considering what kind of assignments is best for kindergartens may want to do some research. It will depend on the needs of your kindergartener and what the school district permits. Teachers may provide a plan or schedule to parents about homework assignments issued to students. Parents may offer feedback while seeking similar activities to continue with their child outside of the classroom.

Common activities for kindergarteners may include printable activity sheets, reading out loud, identifying shapes, colors, and numbers, and more. If the child is struggling academically in a certain area, you can find related ideas online to consider include working with a peer group, tutor, or getting creative through play with activities of personal interest.

How Homework Activities for Preschoolers Helps Prepare for the Future

Preschool kids may get a heads up on what to expect in kindergarten. Some preschoolers get homework but the activities may not seem like homework, but more like practice activities or games to pass the time. When considering homework, kindergarten or preschool students likely want to engage in something that is fun while keeping their attention. Many students at this age have short attention spans unless an electronic device is included. Parents and teachers find ways to use technology to make education engaging.

Preschoolers with homework are preparing their skills while getting to know more about themselves. While the debate continues on whether kindergarteners should or shouldn’t have homework, parents will often engage with their child in a way that ensure they are learning something useful on a regular basis.

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