Persian Preschool

Jayron Finan

                            Jayron Finan, Founder & Teacher

  • Certificated and Licensed WA state teacher
  • Over 10 years experience Kindergarten-1st grade
  • Masters in Teaching with focus on Early Childhood Language Acquisition
  • Endorsed in K-8 Education, French & Spanish
  • BA from University of Washington, Magna Cum Laude 
  • PTA  Outstanding Teacher Acorn Award Nominee
  • Native Persian speaker
  • Proud Mother of three Persian/English speaking boys (ages 1, 4 and 7)

A Message from the Director

A Message from Founder Jayron Finan

Opening Persian Preschool is a dream come true.  As an adult, I realized how fortunate I was that my family kept the Persian culture and language in our lives.  When I had my first son and began my own family, however, I knew that if I did not make an effort, the rich Persian culture and language would end with my generation.  

Although I spoke to my son in Persian from birth, I knew from my years of experience as a teacher that as soon as he went to a regular English speaking preschool, he'd want to speak only English.  The reason being that the language in which children play and communicate with their peers, is the language that is the most meaningful to them.  So I began the search for a Persian preschool.

Although the Seattle/Bellevue area has some wonderful programs that teach how to write Persian, those programs are geared at older children.  For language acquisition, however, research is very clear that the toddler and preschool years are the critical time.

So modeling after the nationally acclaimed Golestan Kids Persian preschool in Berkeley, California, I wanted to give the same opportunity to Iranian-American families in Puget Sound area.   Now, with Persian Preschool, families here can get the best of both worlds.  From my years as a Kindergarten teacher, I know exactly what social and academic skills children need to be successful in Kindergarten, regardless of what language these skills are taught in.  Combining that with my passion for teaching Persian, allows children to thrive.   They enter elementary school prepared, confident and proud of their heritage.

Read below what parents and leading educators have to say about Jayron Finan.

"Jayron is an EXTRAORDINARY and TALENTED teacher.  I have many opportunities to observe her first hand instructing young children. She is compassionate, enthusiastic and very dedicated to each individual that enters her learning environment. Jayron has a natural way of bringing out the best in children.  They view themselves as successful and important when learning under Jayron’s guidance. Jayron creatively mixes learning, playing, interacting, and exploring with just the right amount of love and tenderness.  Each child and family is fortunate to have Jayron as a teacher and friend."

Brenda Fuglevand
Principal, Forest View Elementary

I believe that Mrs. Jayron Finan is one of the finest teachers of young children I have come across!  She is energetic,  friendly, and nurturing.  It was amazing in the amount of pure knowledge she imparted to our children!  My daughter started school with Mrs. Finan and she now is a very enthusiastic learner.  Mrs. Finan had the majority of her students not only reading by the end of Kindergarten, but reading well beyond their expected level .  Your child will receive a great head start in life with Mrs. Finan as their preschool teacher! 

Parent of former student and elementary teacher

"I have had the pleasure of observing Jayron Finan work magic with young children when she served as a kindergarten teacher at Hawthorne Elementary School in Everett Public Schools. She was easily one of the finest and most respected teachers in our school district- quite a feat considering her youth. Mrs. Finan is a woman with impressive skill, deep caring for youngsters and unlimited patience- key ingredients for an exemplary teacher.  I cannot endorse her highly enough in her quest to operate a private preschool program. Parents who choose to place their children in her care will discover exactly what I am indicating; their children will be served in an environment that is safe, respectful and nurturing. Because Jayron was such an extraordinary kindergarten teacher, she will be able to provide the readiness skills and experiences that will launch children in her care successfully into any formal school environment later. If I had a child of preschool age, Jayron will be first in my list of considerations for placement- a no risk, high reward decision."

Jim McNally
Executive Director K-12 Education
Everett Public Schools

Mrs. Finan's gift for teaching is unmatched. She provided my daughter not only the knowledge she needed to excel in school, but also the confidence, determination and desire to succeed. This confidence and determination yielded amazing results for my daughter in kindergarten!  Mrs. Finan challenged my daughter to reach beyond what she thought she was capable of to unlock her true potential. Mrs. Finan's love of teaching children is evident. My daughter loved everyday she got to spend with Mrs. Finan!

Shauna Harrison
Parent of former student

Jayron Finan is a passionate, inspiring, and kindhearted teacher.  I was honored and delighted to have her teach my son (1st grade) and my daughter (Kindergarten).  She consistently strived to bring out the best in children and did so in a very caring and positive way.  Both my son and daughter excelled in reading while in Jayron’s class, and I was always impressed by her constant teaching of respect to others.  Her experience in working with children in a diverse variety of culture, religion, and economic background place Jayron as one of the best teachers of our time. 

Alicia Naig,

Parent of former students

My son, Aaron had Mrs. Finan for Kindergarten, and I would say that teaching is 100% her calling in life.  As a teacher, Mrs. Finan is incredibly kind, encouraging, passionate, firm, and devoted.  She believes in and has expectations for each and every child in her classroom.  I feel as though Mrs. Finan gave my son an incredible jumpstart in education, and the confidence he has in himself and his desire to learn, is a joy to watch.

Shannon Stapleton

Parent of former student

Mrs. Finan’s teaching style can be measured directly by the success of her students.  Her belief in each individual student’s ability to succeed has made all the difference in the world.  My son Kaden is not only is he a fluent reader, but also loves school and is highly motivated.  Mrs. Finan conveyed material in interesting and uncomplicated ways.  Her methods for teaching held Kaden’s interest and fine tuned his skills. 

I am also very pleased by Mrs. Finan's strong work ethic.  She was able to get through an entire year’s curriculum four months early before going on maternity leave.  She did not want the parents or students to feel short changed. We could not have asked for a better kindergarten experience. 

Amina Habib
Parent of former student and former teacher

Mrs. Finan is the best! I am fully convinced that her teaching style enabled my daughter Laurel to become an excellent reader!  Laurel's reading is AMAZING!!!  She’s not afraid to try to read anything, at any reading level. She loves reading and reads for hours every week on her own.  Mrs. Finan is a kind and encouraging teacher.  Her warm smiles and caring words give kids the affirmation they need to do their best.  I thank her for giving Laurel the best start possible in her schooling years!

Sloane Rogers
Parent of former student