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Living in the United States, it is not easy to find good resources for children in Persian/Farsi. We’ve spent many months creating this list by choosing songs, books, DVDs that we have personally use and love.  Our favorites have been “kid tested and approved”.  Please note this in not an advertising section, these companies did not pay us to be listed here.  If you have your own “favorite things” please feel free to email us at

Music CDs and Songs 

These Persian songs by Nasser Nazar are wonderful!  If you are looking for upbeat, cheery children’s music, you’ll enjoy the selection.  You can hear them before you buy. 

This is the second CD from Nasser Nazar which unforunately is no longer available on iTunes but is available to purchase by mail through this website:

If you like the songs above, there is a book/CD combination available for sale from England.  They do ship to the US.  The book is fantastic because it has illustrations for all the classic Persian children's songs along with the lyrics in Persian and "Perglish" for those who understand but do not read Persian.  

Two new CDs were recently released by two Persian Language schools on the East Coast and both are HIGHLY recommended:

Bookstores with Iranian Books

This online bookstore is our newest find!  Their selection of books was great and especially impressive was their non-fiction and fiction science books for kids.  Their VCD selection was excellent and a great value.   When looking at the prices, consider that with the US/Canadian currency, it's actually less expensive than the stated price but you do need to add shipping.  Excellent customer service.  

Dokhtar Koochooloo

If you cannot read Persian but want to read to your children in the Persian language, these are the books you have been waiting for!   They are Persian language books written in the Roman Alphabet.  Although the beautiful main characters are girls, these books are a favorite with our two boys.  They ask their dad (who is not Persian) to read it and it helps him improve his Persian as well.

We've referred many of our Persian Preschool families to this site to get the Persian Alphabet Ring game.  They also have great books and DVDs.  Below  If you have been looking for Persian (Farsi) Sesame Street, your wait is over...well, almost over!  This site will be selling Persian Sesame Street sometime this year.

We ordered many books for our preschool directly from Iran and were really impressed by how professional and easy it was to order.  Prices were very comparable to Iranian books you find in the US.  They also have a selection of games and puzzles, some were out of stock when we last ordered.

We’ve purchased from their store in Westwood, CA and were pleased that they also sell books online.

It's not easy finding a Persian picture dictionary written in phonetic English (for those who can't read Persian) but we found one! 


The Hoosh Hoosh Bahoosh series is very well done.   Although both their half-hour DVDs are great, our favorite is “Colors”.

This site mostly sells Persian dubbed American movies.  These DVDs are not as crisp as the American counterparts but we appreciated the company’s honesty-several of the movies have a picture quality rating.  Unless you really love the movie, we don’t recommend movies with a “fair” rating.

YouTube Music and Videos*

There are good Persian music videos for children on YouTube but they can be hard to find.  We’ve started compiling our favorites:

Persian Preschool Apparel

Thank you for everyone who complimented our logo.  So per request, we’ve created a page where you can buy your own Persian Preschool apparel.  There’s everything from kids and adults shirts to water bottles to bags.  Happy shopping!

*The AAP recommends limited television for children (none for children under 2).  If some television time is allowed in your family, you might as well make it educational!  Kids definitely do pick up a lot of language from the songs and shows they hear and watch on screen. 

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Dec 10, 2014, 5:53 PM