Weather and Space "Havaa o Fazaa"

As part of our Circle "Halghe" Time, we sing the "Havaa Chetore?" song and pick one of the kids to be a "havaa shenaas" (weather forecaster) to tell us what the weather is like that day.  We chart the weather on our graph and then compare more, less, and equal at the end of the term.  Can you guess what the weather is like in our city near Seattle? 

One of our favorites is the classic "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" translated into Persian, "Ye Setaareh Koochooloo".  That song and others are in our weather song handout below.  Also included in that handout is the lyrics to the catchy tune from Iran, "Aaftaab Mahtaab" available here on YouTube.

Another handout features the Persian song "Chek, Chek Baaroon" which is on our favorite Persian Children's CD found here on iTunes. That handout also contains a popular little song about a spider that gets washed away in the rain and comes out in the sun-can you guess?  Itsy Bitsy Spider translated to Persian!

We love to translate popular American books to Persian and this quarter the kids hear Eric Carle's Little Cloud in Persian called "Abr-e Koochooloo".  This book is followed by the art project of sponge painting, using little "abr"s to make imaginary "abr"s!  The translation is free to download in text format at our bookstore.

During our Space Week the kids read books about what is in space and dress up as astronauts (see our Facebook page for photos).  Attached is a coloring sheet with space vocabulary.  As always, we include the Persian translation written phonetically in English "Perglish" as well as written in the Persian alphabet.

Lastly, since this unit is technically called "Objects in the Sky", we can't leave out airplanes!  A fun activity to do with preschoolers is to make a pretend airplane with chairs set up accordingly.  As a craft, kids design their own "beeleet" tickets with their own seat number.  Matching the seat number to number on their "beeleet" is a great Math activity.  Packing their suitcase is a great way to teach clothing vocabulary.
Jayron Finan,
Apr 17, 2012, 3:12 PM
Jayron Finan,
Apr 22, 2012, 1:58 PM