Forest "Jangal"

If you live in an area similar to our state of Washington,  the Forest "Jangal" Unit must be relevant in your life.  The first week of this unit, the students learn about "sanjaab" (squirrels)  and how they, along with other forest animals are "pashmaaloo" (furry)!  The children learn the difference between hair and fur and make their own "sanjaab-e pashmaaloo" to take home.  Learning about squirrels naturally leads to learning about "aajeel" nuts.  The children tasted 5 different types of nuts (for "aajeel" vocabulary, please see the Nuts handout below).   Then during teacher directed playtime, the children played a fantastic board game that I highly recommend:

Some helpful Persian vocabulary for playing the game:

sanjaab = squirrel

konde = tree stump

baloot = acorn

toofaan = storm

dozd = thief

Also during squirrel week, the kids loved this song about a squirrel "sanjaab khaanoom":

Sanjaab Khanoom

Another week was "khers" (bear) week.  During this week, the children were asked to bring their favorite bear from home.  The cuddly, "pashmaaloo" friends joined us during play, singing, and even snack.  Then during story time, they children were read "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" in Persian!  This book is available at

During craft time, the children painted bear masks which they will use the following week in acting out the Goldilocks play. 

Jayron Finan,
Feb 18, 2014, 3:16 PM