Eid-e Norooz

Iranian's favorite time of year is also one of the most fun times at Persian Preschool.  Iranians celebrate the first day of spring as their most important holiday called "Norooz" (also spelled Nowruz, Norouz Nowrooz).  The first day of spring marks the new year according to the Persian calendar.

There are many fun activities during this time.  A big focus is the  هفت سین "Haft Seen".  This stands for "7 'S's".   Persians traditionally set a beautiful table that they leave out for most of the month.  The 'S' items are: "seeb" (apple), "sabze"  (sprouts), "senjed" (dried oleaster), "somaagh" (sumac), "serke" (vinegar), "samanoo" (sweet wheat germ pudding), and "seer" (garlic).  Among other items included are: "aaeene" (mirror) symbolizing the sky/honesty, "seke" (coins) symbolizing wealth, "maahee" (goldfish) symbolizing animals, and painted "tokhm-e morgh" (eggs) symbolizing "fertility". 

This "هفت سین رنگ آمیزی" haft seen/haft sin coloring page handout is from Reading and Writing class. 

This haft seen coloring page has the "pinglish" for those who don't read Persian.   We printed, colored, and laminated this page to use as place mats when studying Norooz.  Please feel free to use and share!  Eid-e Shomaa Mobaarak!

There are lots of great Norooz art projects.  Check out this great Pinterest page by Dr. Bashi!   At our school, we especially love the fingerprint hyacinth painting:

The children love making their own "sabze" (sprouts) and this video is one of the best in explaining the process, step by step. 

Via Party Bravo and Courtesy of  Mrs. Azar Kamarei  (in Farsi):

Step by Step Sabze Instructional Video

Last but certainly not least, if you're looking for more Norooz Craft ideas or perhaps you are an Iranian parent who wants to share the wonderful Persian culture with your children's English school, check out this fantastic blog:

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