Body Parts "Azaa-ye Badan"

Some great books for our Body Unit are "Naaf-e Neenee Kojaast?"  (Karen Katz's Where's Baby's Belly Button?) and "Ketaab-e Paa" (Dr. Seuss's The Foot Book).  Free Persian translations of both are available at the bottom of our bookstore page.

Some fun activities for this unit include bathing and dressing dolls, playing with "Aghaa Seebzamini" (Mr. Potato Head), playing the game "Jarahee" (Operation), and finger painting.

"Havaas-e Panjgaaneh" is the science portion of our Body Unit.  This is a science concept that preschoolers will likely revisit in elementary school so it only benefits them to be exposed to it early on.  We highly recommend "Havaas-e Panjgaane-ye Man" (Aliki's My Five Senses) which was beautifully translated by Ali Parsa and Zahra Emrani.  That translation as well can be downloaded for free at our book store.

Kids also love the catchy tune "Havaas-e Panjgaane" sung to the tune of "We've Got the Whole World in Our Hands".  You can find that song, the Persian classic "Chesh, Chesh Do Abroo" as well as other songs from this unit (e.g. Persian translations of Hokey Pokey and Head & Shoulder) attached below.

Nasser Nazar's song "Mano Donya"  not only helps preschoolers learn more about their senses but helps them learn a little geography too. 
Jayron Finan,
May 25, 2011, 5:20 PM