Persian Preschool

Nursery Rhymes

Nursery rhymes are not only lots of fun but are also very essential to a child's development.  They help in language and vocabulary development as well as memory and auditory skills.  Rhyming is a critical phonetic component necessary in learning how to read.  When the songs are combined with physical movement such as finger-play, hand motions, etc, children additionally develop coordination and motor skills.  Exciting new brain research reveals that the combination of music and movement in toddler and preschool age children even increases cognitive connections in the brain.

At Persian Preschool music is part of our daily routine.  Children receive the benefit of learning both classic traditional Iranian songs, which allow them the opportunity to experience the rich culture.  However, they also learn traditional American songs uniquely translated into Persian.

These translated American songs are a big hit with children and adults. Children from English speaking homes instantly recognize the familiar tunes and this facilitates their participation in learning Persian. At the same time, parents and children who speak mostly Persian at home appreciate learning classic American songs which will allow a smooth transition to an English speaking Kindergarten where they will surely hear these songs again.

Below are just a few of the many nursery rhymes we teach at Persian Preschool.  Enjoy!

Traditional Iranian Nursery Rhyme

Ye Toop Daram

 یه توپ دارم

Ye toop daram ghel-ghelee-eh

یه توپ دارم قل قلیه

Sorkho sefeed o aabee-eh

سرخ و سفید و آبیه

Meezanam zameen, hava meereh

می­زنم زمین هوا می­ره

Nemeedoonee ta koja meereh

نمی­دونی تا کجا می­ره

Man een toopo nadaashtam

من این توپو نداشتم

Mashghamo khoob neveshtam

مشقامو خوب نوشتم

Babam behem aydi daad

بابام بهم عیدی داد

Ye toope ghel-ghelee daad

یه توپ قل قلی داد

Traditional American Nursery Rhyme

Ghooree Koocheek Man Hastam "I’m a Little Teapot"

من یه قوری کوچیکم

Man ye ghooree koocheekam

من یه قوری کوچیکم 
Daro, loole o daste daram

در و لوله و دسته دارم
Vaghtee aab joosheed, soot meezanam

وقتی آب جوشید، سوت می­زنم

Chai bareh hameh meereezam

چای برا همه می­ریزم

Traditional American Nursery Rhyme

Setareh Koochooloo "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"

ستاره کوچولو

Ye setareh koochooloo

یه ستاره کوچولو

Roshan tooyeh aasemoon

روشن توی آسمون

Vaghtee shab shod dar meeyaa-ee

وقتی شب شد در می­آیه

Khaab eh khoob bareh maa meeyaree

خواب خوب برا ما می­آره

Ye setareh khoochooloo

یه ستاره کوچولو

Roshan tooyeh aasemoon

روشن توی آسمون